People Cages

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Inside the solid steel people cage you’ll feel secure. This people cage is built to last. Painted black or raw steel just looking at the people cage you know it’s solid and serious people equipment. Try one of these solid steel people cages from dungeon steel.

Bird style people cages available in black, raw steel or custom colors.

New pyramid style people cage now available in two sizes and the standard colors.

Puppy style people cages available in custom sizes and colors.
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Custom shaped people cage available from dungeon steel –

People cages also available in square, trapezoid and half height round.

All hand welded steel people cages made in the USA!

Click on a picture to view a larger size or detail of the people cages.

People cages available in custom sizes and shapes for all people sizes – you can email us your measurements and we can suggest a standard size people cage we have or give you a quote for a custom people cage.

People cages with your choice of bottoms including wood, plexi-glass or steel. Get a new cage for your people today!

People cage pictures here, people cage picture gallery here.

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